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Anne Rivière’s paintings invite the senses and the spirit to escape and get lost in the heart of nature. The sensuality of the colors, the reactions that develop between them seduce, transport and energize.

The work of the material which can be in turn “earth, bark, silk, velvet, metal, butterfly wings or droplets” brings a real change of scenery.

The lightness of the strokes and lines that compose the paintings are like invisible and mysterious links, setting us off on a dream.

Looking at the paintings, the eyes respond to the intense color tones, and material effects. Thus, this experience will give you the lightness of suspended time.

The diptych or triptych structure of some paintings suggest the extension of space and the view stretches in this path to discovery.

A need to paint

From a very young age, artistic creation has become a need. I was only 12 years old when I discovered a book about Van Gogh, a gift to my brother. Then I stared at this new universe with awe, the world around me was transformed.

I then progressively discovered Jacob Van Ruisdael, Poussin, Corot, Millet, the impressionists who were my first source of inspiration.

Turner’s light deeply moved me.

The harmony of Bonnard’s colours, the abundance of colours and Joan Mitchel’s vigourous movement attracted me and filled my work.

The encounter with the creative and evocative power of the Chinese painting, through Zao Wou Ki opened my mind to infinite horizons.

As a self-taught woman, I find my source of inspiration in emotions rooted in Nature.

In this quest, my memories of awe, lightnings lead me to revisit the mystery of trees, light, sky, through fragments. That will also be the frailty of a butterfly, a dragonfly, a flower. Transparency of dew, the glow of colour will also be a source of inspiration. Therefore, as the momentum of a ricochet, the emotion I feel from a fragment lead me to another in a perpetually renewed exploration.


The technical dimension

Regarding the technical aspect, I use oil opting for a work on density and deepness of colours in order to extract a warm and luminous energy.

Working the substance allow me to give some strenght and intensity to the canvases through anchorages whereas glazing adds fluidity and lightness.

Looking at the canvases, the eye will react to intense tones of colours and effects of the substance. Diptych, triptych or facade of some canvases suggest the extension of space, allowing a stretch of our vision, as a path to discover.

My artistic research, guided by my premonition, lead me to take hold of this indefinable instant. So, the senses and mind of the concerned work together to create an imaginary world where sensitivity and emotion resonate to repel the scope of possibilities.

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